Same-Sex Parents and LGBT-Focused Care

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Yorkrmany_115757470 proudly welcomes same-sex couples and individual members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as we support all types of family building efforts and seek to provide full-service care customized to each patient’s needs. RMA of New York recognizes the challenges same-sex couples and LGBT individuals may encounter as they navigate family-building options, and thereby provides patients access to a full network of professionals with experience in reproductive law, therapy and counseling, as well as egg and sperm donor resources.

RMA of New York’s list of LBGT-specialized care providers includes:

Alan B. Copperman MD  Lawrence Grunfeld MD  Tanmoy Mukherjee MD  Benjamin Sandler MD

Daniel E. Stein MD  Eric Flisser MD  Joseph B. Davis DO  Jeffrey Klein MD  Rashmi Kudesia MD

Matthew Lederman MD    Beth A. McAvey MD  Kimberley A. Thornton MD   Jovana Lekovich MD

Martha Luna MD     Enrique Cervantes MD       Natan Bar-Chama MD      Georgia Witkin PhD   

Dara Godfrey MS RD



Among the many options available, RMA of New York offers same-sex couples the option of choosing a Gestational Carrier program in which a woman carries a pregnancy for someone else without providing any genetic contribution. We are happy to meet with you to discuss donor options, gestational carrier agencies, reproductive attorneys and all testing required to complete the process, as well as the various steps and requirements that are involved. We provide extensive screening and will coordinate everything required in order to help those who choose this option.

RMA of New York also offers fertility preservation options for members of the LGBT community who are considering delaying their efforts in family building for various elective or medical reasons.  To find out more about the services we offer focused on the LGBT community, or to visit us at an upcoming event, call (212) 756-5777 to speak with a representative.


Dr. Alan Copperman speaks to Associated Press about how co-IVF can allow same-sex couples to share a biological role in conceiving a child

View the video here.

View the news article here.

As a proud supporter of LGBT rights, RMA of New York is honored to have been recognized as a “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation. The HRC is the educational arm of the country’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, and their acknowledgement of RMA of New York’s efforts was a result of their annual survey encouraging equal care for LGBT Americans. Our combined efforts to continually improve our services, training, education and outreach to LGBT individuals throughout the community are part of our collaborative mission in helping more patients realize their dream of building a family.

To be commended as a Leader in Healthcare Equality, clinicians must meet four criteria, including the implementation of patient non-discrimination policies that are fully inclusive of LGBT individuals, visitation policies that explicitly grant equal visitation rights to LGBT patients and their visitors, non-discriminatory employment practices that are inclusive of both sexual orientation and gender identity, and extensive training in LGBT patient care. RMA of New York has met all of these criteria in order to be recognized for its patient care.

RMA of New York is a proud supporter of LGBT rights and has taken great strides to help patients face special challenges when it comes to receiving equal and inclusive care, especially with regards to family planning and fertility. We are proud of the entire team for its role in helping RMA of NY to earn this recognition, and will continue our efforts to demonstrate our commitment to equitable, inclusive care for LGBT patients and their families.



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