Polaris Treatment Navigator

Polaris Treatment Navigator: Personalizing each patient’s fertility treatment options

Physicians at RMA of New York understand the importance of providing fertility treatment plans that are personalized to each patient’s unique biological makeup and family building goals. To achieve this level of customized care, the physicians at RMA of New York utilize Polaris Treatment Navigator, a state-of-the-art, online patient counseling tool built by women’s health company Celmatix.

During an appointment at RMA of New York, you’ll receive a visual Treatment Navigator report that can help you better understand each of your fertility treatment options and confidently choose the right option for your unique biology, family building goals, and finances.

The report combines your personal fertility metrics with data from over 640,000 cycles of non-IVF and IVF treatments, and uses predictive analytics to calculate your unique likelihood of success across multiple cycles of various treatment types.

A Treatment Navigator report may help you and your doctor decide:

  • If you should continue trying on your own
  • If you should start fertility treatments
  • Which treatment path is best for your family building goals and finances
  • If you should incorporate treatment options such as preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)
  • When it is time to transition from one treatment type to another
  • If you should consider treatment with donor eggs

Combined with RMA of New York’s expert staff and patient resources, the Polaris Treatment Navigator Report can help bring clarity to the sometimes overwhelming experience of fertility treatments.


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