Nutrition for Fertility

It is important to nourish yourself by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, and staying physically active. RMA of New York has a nutritionist on staff to assist you in achieving your pre-treatment weight loss and nutritional goals at every stage of fertility treatment and pregnancy.

Counseling Offered For:

  • Basic Wellness
  • Pre-conception health including key nutrients for fertility
  • Nutrition for PCOS
  • Nutrition for Thyroid Disorder (Hyper- and hypo-thyroidism/Hashimotos/Graves)
  • Patients with BMI’s outside the normal range
  • Obesity and BMI > 40
  • Diabetes/Past History of Gestational Diabetes
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Continuing support during pregnancy
  • Post-natal nutrition
  • Patients who have anxiety and want to take ownership of their dietary health during the fertility process
  • Patients who have questions related to mercury consumption, types of cheeses to eat or whether they should be avoiding products with BPA

Nutrition Programs for Individuals & Couples:

  • Nutrition Basic Consultation
    The Basic Consultation is a 30 minute session with Dara Godfrey, MS RD. Dara provides a general overview of nutrition related to infertility treatment. Discussions may cover general weight loss or gain prior to treatment, and/or nutritional recommendations related to patients’ medical conditions, such as thyroid conditions and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  • Nutrition In-Depth Consultation
    The In-Depth Consultation is a 60 minute session with Dara Godfrey, MS RD. Dara evaluates the patient’s individual lifestyle and treatment needs and will design a realistic and customized meal plan for the patient to follow.
  • Nutrition Couples Consultation
    The Couples Consultation is a 2 hour session for both partners with Dara Godfrey, MS RD. She will provide a nutritional overview as well as a customized meal plan for each partner. The couple will attend their own follow up appointments individually.
  • Nutrition Custom Package
    The Custom Package includes 5 sessions with Dara Godfrey, MS RD. This includes 1 initial In-Depth Consultation and 4 Follow-Up Sessions. The first appointment will include an evaluation of the patient’s individual lifestyle and treatment needs. Dara will design a realistic and customized meal plan and provide the patient with 4 Follow-Up Sessions.


Meet Dara Godfrey, MS, RD 

Dara Godfrey is a highly esteemed Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian whose strong clinical experience has allowed her to guide a spectrum of individuals from variant backgrounds. Dara’s lifestyle-driven approach has encouraged individuals to understand what is realistic and has provided them with a flexible set of tools to achieve sustainable goals of physical health and well-being.

Dara supports patients’ nutritional goals at every stage of infertility treatment and pregnancy, including pre-treatment health and weight loss, prenatal nutrition and pregnancy nutrition during each trimester.

Dara, a Toronto, Canada native, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition at The University of Western Ontario and obtained her RD and Masters in Nutrition at New York University. Dara spent several years at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan where she led a Weight Management Support Group and was involved in counseling patients in such specialties as prenatal, bariatric and gastrointestinal nutrition. Dara has recently been featured in the Daily News as well the blog, Fitness NYC.

Appointments can be Scheduled with a Patient Services Coordinator or by emailing Dara directly at For additional assistance, you can also contact Pamela Searcy at



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