Video: Time Magazine publishes an in-depth perspective on the process of egg freezing, featuring Dr. Alan Copperman, embryologist Rose Moschini, and an exclusive view of the RMA of New York laboratory

As the process of egg freezing continues to grow in popularity, many women seeking the option of delaying their family building goals are increasingly taking note. In 2009 prior to the removal of the ‘experimental label’ of the procedure by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, approximately 500 women nationally froze their eggs. In 2013, that figure jumped to over 5,000, and the numbers continue to increase given corporate conglomerates such as Apple and Facebook offering to cover the procedure for their interested female employees.

Since the procedure is relatively new, and considerably costly, women are approaching fertility clinics with many questions and concerns. Time magazine visited RMA of New York for a further look into the process of egg freezing, and interviewed Dr. Alan Copperman to provide insight as to how women should approach the treatment as a method to safeguard their fertility without false expectations. Embryologist Rose Marie Moschini describes the egg freezing procedure known as ‘vitrification’ which is the ‘fast freezing’ technique widely used by modern fertility centers such as RMA of New York.



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