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RMANY--09Fertility preservation is a viable method for many women of reproductive age to store their eggs (oocytes) for various reasons.  Oocyte cryopreservation is a technology offered at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, which allows women to store their retrieved eggs for years, then thaw and transfer them to the uterus when they are in fact ready to achieve pregnancy.  Egg freezing provides women the revolutionary advantage of delaying their childbearing years if desired or out of necessity for medical purposes.

Is Egg Freezing the Right Option for Me?

Egg freezing can be a favorable choice to any woman who wishes to delay efforts in parenthood. The most common groups of women who consider egg freezing are:

  • Single women who have electively chosen to delay parenthood in pursuit of education, career, or other endeavors. Those lacking a male partner may also investigate egg freezing as an option to utilize their stored eggs when a partner is attained.
  • Women diagnosed with cancer who will require chemotherapy or radiation treatments that may inhibit reproduction.
  • Women with a family history of certain cancers, particularly ovarian cancer, or premature menopause, who may be at future risk of developing ovarian cancer or diminished ovarian function.

RMA of New York performs the latest procedure in egg freezing technology, which is known as ‘vitrification’. Vitrification, or ‘rapid-freeze’ technique, is a modernized approach to the handling of human oocytes.  Eggs have a high water content and previously performed techniques for egg freezing would create ice crystals within the egg. These ice crystals make the eggs very fragile and during the thaw process, the eggs are subject to fracture. By utilizing this new technique of oocyte vitrification, eggs are quickly frozen without the formation of hazardous ice crystals.

RMA of New York is able to provide fertility preservation and long term storage to patients through a partnership with Extend FertilityTM and California Cryobank. RMA of New York is also a proud supporter of Fertile Hope and their efforts to support patient education regarding fertility preservation. Fertility preservation can be an emotional time, and we encourage patients to take advantage of emotional support available through our complementary care team.

RMA of New York is a proud partner of Extend FertilityTM in offering oocyte cryopreservation and long term storage.

In addition to egg freezing, other fertility preservation treatments are available to patients, which include  embryo cryopreservation, and for males, sperm preservation.  To find out more about fertility preservation with RMA of New York, call (212) 756-5777 to speak with a specialist.

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