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Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York is committed to providing patients with a comfortable and supportive environment and recommends an array of programs to complement an individual’s fertility treatment.

Acupuncture can improve an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing throughout the fertility treatment process.  Visit our recommended acupuncture centers by clicking here.

Yoga and fitness training for fertility is safe, if practiced gently with a focus on relaxation, strength building, stretching and stress reduction. It can improve an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing during the fertility treatment process.  Visit our recommended yoga and fitness specialists by clicking here.



CNN News: US Fertility Rate Hits a Record Low Dr Alan Copperman speaks with CNN on the decline and the importance of early education to women on their family building options. View article here. ...READ MORE


Preimplantation Genetic Screening of Embryos in Patients with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Miscarriages can be emotionally and physically challenging for both women and couples. Recurrent pregnancy loss, which is defined by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine as two or more failed clinical pregnancies, can be devastating. ...READ MORE

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