Reproductive Care for International Patients

Reproductive Care for International Patients

Reproductive Care for International Patients

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (RMA of New York) and the Mount Sinai Health System of New York are among the world’s leading health care providers, particularly with regard to reproductive health. We strive to help our patients achieve their family-building dreams. Thousands of couples from more than 150 countries have traveled to us and have returned home pregnant. Our practice caters to international patients who frequently benefit from our assistance with accommodations, restaurants, travel arrangements, and translator assistance.

RMA of New York will coordinate care with physicians around the world to facilitate the treatment of our international patients. Initial consultations can take place via Internet or telephone. Our physicians will review your medical records, explain your options and create a treatment plan. Our clinical coordinators will help to locate a local IVF center or site that can provide essential clinical testing.

In many cases, the initial work-up and evaluation of infertility and even the beginning of some treatments can be started locally. For patients travelling from outside of New York City, this added convenience can minimize expense and travel time. A standard IVF cycle will require coming to New York for approximately five to six days to accommodate egg retrieval, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and implantation. A longer stay may be required for more extensive treatment, or in whom more involved genetic testing of embryos requires freezing and then later thawing the embryos. Patients who do not have a local center to assist in the early stages of their treatment may need to extend their New York stay for another week or two.

Take an in depth tour of our world-class IVF laboratory and watch as our expert embryology team performs the latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART) available to modern medicine.


Exclusive Tour: Inside the IVF Laboratory at RMA of New York (Chinese subtitles)


Egg Freezing Through Vitrification at RMA of New York (Chinese subtitles)

Fertility treatments can be costly, and international travel and accommodations can add to that cost. RMA of New York recognizes this challenge, and we are dedicated to assisting patients by practicing cost-effective, time-efficient, and data-driven medicine.

To contact an international patient care specialist, please call 212-756-5777 ext. 305

RMA of New York physicians are also available via skype image003 and wechat image004 to hold remote consultations for our patients.  Request an appointment by calling or clicking below.



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